To My Partners

by LJ featuring JD

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Ayo its 7:13 in the morning
My heart is heavy, mourning
Ran into my partner, said his past steady haunts him
And as I see them tears begin to form up in his eyes
I just crack a smile, & let him know that I'm here to provide
A refuge cause when you in life, these times, they like to try you
Watch you til you feel like riskin all just to survive and I remember elementary
You seemed that you was honest
But I was kinda shy and tried to be off on my own then
Fast forward now, I wouldn't think that it'd be like this
I see your heart for God, trying to learn from scripture's writers
And I been slacking when I said we do that weekly bible study
But don't keep from jumping in yourself and getting dirty
Yeah its busy days, that's often what prevents it
I'm still trying to help you run this race up to the finish
and we got some parallels, and we often times contrasting
Crazy how I been so close but on two different paths
My first job I'd pay to make some music folk could feel
You struggling and grinding it to help pay off them bills
And now I'm kneeling bedside trying to make an intercession
Spirit, help me pray cause I can't think in one direction
Don't know where Mama at so God I pray for her protection
Brother getting married, thank you Lord, it is a blessing, but its safe trick or treat and niece don't think I'm a reflection
Of someone that she recognize, the Earth's had revolution probably five times since the last I seen her
Hurts, still, I see there's a plan
Shout out to my partner D
Thats my Jonathan
You remember when we hit em with the truth and I was acquitted and let that fire kindle ?
And at QUEST, thats been that step into showing the school I rep Him, while keeping in check my own sin
Had many in and out of that club, loved em all, even though some saw a joke on stuff we talked of
But I got some real ones with me
Shout out to T
Don't give up with sin you wrestle with
And Lord knows how real you been confessing it over and over again
Accountability men
B. Dot I see you kin
The Lord is shaping greatness within
Don't be discouraged when you sin
Just go and face it and repent
And Asa, make sure truth hit
Even if it aint thru music, be the tool here
And to my partners even if you ain't mentioned
I ain't forget, I love you all, the work He started He'll finish

As a child I thought as a child but I'm a man now
The foolish way of thinking I had to put down
I used to clown with a gang of homies
But they fell like leaves off the the trees, thats why I'm hollerin at my homies
Through it all we remain true
My heart bleeds through the ink of the pen of these lyrics that I spit you
No more intoxicated club living
Its all about Christ and the new life He has given
I'm driven
By the Holy Spirit not by the street life
Compelled by the Word, not the girl in the skin tights
I hear you say I'm on my grown man
But its Christ thats inside, so you could say I'm on my glow man
Wanna be examples to my homies, cause they tired of seeing church folks phonie
God I pray for the cold and heartless
I drop to my knees and intercede for the souls of my partners

And this is one time for the folks who
Looked at me differently insistent on taking time out to try and teach me all them truths
Though sometimes it seemed I wasn't listenin you planted and watered an entity that kept me all these years in youth
People tasting the fruit
Ain't nothing special just God elected me to this booth
Run this race for them that kept the faith for this living proof
Who woulda thought He called a random kid to spit this through
And this to you who thinking thats there's nothing true
So many differences and opinions that its better off not talking than be confused
But can't ignore what it do
Desire more than just getting by with some lame excuse
Of your origins, but not sure if its really true
Testify He placed you here to question why
(They) Like to claim it is relative but I object that its an objective we looking to
This to them who asking but never really reacting, or casually pass me by, but know I'm a familiar dude
And to them that lifted me, envisioned a centipede, to keep it 100 in this walk I do
And to you hearing or I run into
Thank God, He's put me in a position with even my enemies in hopes to showcase and boast in Good News
This is to
My partners


released January 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Fidelis Ad Mortem Indianapolis, Indiana

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