Substantial Discourse

by LJ

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Substance, debated whether or not present in current hip hop and music, is mutually appreciated by artists and fans alike when presented. However, what determines what substance is, and if it is what people are not familiar with, does that disqualify it as such? Substantial Discourse is a two-part mixtape by LJ attempting to disclose true substance through the medium of hip hop.

That which is eternal, or substance, is communicated in the first half from third and first person narratives to directly explicit theological statements, heralding views running counter to the cultural trend on issues such as racial injustice, homosexuality, and truth. Providing a backdrop of melodic piano production, hala-X, Adamack, Dansonn, and Slantize along with a few others highlight a sonically sober tone to bring the listener to a place of reflection on the lyrics, while keeping features to a minimum of Santiago, and J. Rome for finishing vocals to three tracks. Shining through on the second half is the discourse in which a spotlight is put on LJ's own personal shortcomings and experiences to bridge the gap between ideal examples of grace and a product of it.

Full mixtape dropping October 13, 2013, available on , , , and mediafire.


released October 13, 2013

All tracks mastered by Darrell "Duke" Mason at Connect Studios.
All lyrics written by Lawrence Jerome Herbert III excluding What You Need's second verse by Michael Santiago and Discourse's chorus by Jason Utt.
Lawrence Jerome Herbert III is not responsible for any illegal sale of the Substantial Discourse mixtape's tracks or variants.



all rights reserved


Fidelis Ad Mortem Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: Introspect
Tell you whats the truth regardless if its versus feelings
Any empty philosophies don't compute with spirit fillin
Appreciate support but praise I don't recommend it
If you know me long enough its guaranteed you'll get offended look
Call me a critic but don't speak for your approval
All eyes on me don't mean the truth will get removed my dude
Been shaped like clay, days in the womb made for me
Though sometimes I do complain my pain ain here to stay
Ay, I'm no longer resigned to how some view me from the outside
Have a timeline of hurts I hide I
Am not the hardest, don't stress what I've been through
And I know I'm not the strongest put my confidence in truth God
This flesh has often failed me and it never gives me love
Same for all my logic, my intelligence is dust
Jeremiah 17:5 show the truths above
On down thru Philippians its foolish choosin us
Loss of all our knowledge when we lose the fear of God
And its hard, recognizing how they thinkn when you play your part and before
Some folk seen me as lame, others like yu cool
Submitted to my elders, and done modelled for the youth
Yet still attacked and prone to act on if my day is smooth
Man, its the lil things my heart decides to take a hold of
Like despite people prophesyin over my life
I still carried bein called ugly couple times
And some think its only jokin when you throw about them words
But that death is ever present when yo tongue is loosely girdled
Ay I know sum glanced at me and thought I was nothin
And I know sum uplift with intent
I'm gone give em sumthin
None are for me
But on this line, it brings pride got me trying to flirt with dimes
Guess it was that feelin when she said I was a cute guy
love to make em laugh
Some called me sexy and I smirked inside
All while knowin I have no plans to provide or nourish one as a wife
Its just that knowin I could make what my eye desires mine
Treasures in my heart dig til I find
It ain jus self-esteem im tryn be the God of my life
Its all cool, thru my faults and at the cross I learnEd forgiveness
When folk seeN my different when I'm spittin before thought me insignificant
Like hey
Ain kno you rap
Ye its a fact
At first held back but awkward convos benefit my tact
They be like where you been at?
ShooT I been right here
Prolly ain always as outgoing as I ought to be
I prefer sit back observe and choose my counsel carefully
Still it leads me to seeds planted and at that rejoice
Keeping watch that I don't fall to please the people's voice
Don't care no longer if I be the last people's choice
The perspective is different when I take an honest look into my inner workings
I've never been an athletic star nor the popular person
I don't care about your social class, caste systems
Is ancient I lay down the truth to the black white asian
racists bigots and haters
the geek alone at the table
the biggest football player
bring me out to a gangster
pregnant teenager
The gospel I been graced with
don't know names or status
Only the command to take it to the generation preserved before creation
to be saved but declaration is the mission that He laid
I don't know who is lost, but direction I'll display
And its definitely not by my efforts that I pray to see a change
Christ showin eyes they blind by the current age
I just gotta be faithful, ain't out for conversions
And if you countn who YOU'VE saved, then they may not be converted
Everything from the beginning of repentance to the remission of sins
Is a miraculous and mysterious event of grace's intervention
And I'm a walking witness, even in this state of incompletion I'm completing the commission
Track Name: Dedication
As I listen to this discourse
I was provoked by those who arose from Freedmen's
I see the exposition of a blasphemic position of which this man spoke of my lineage traced
Insinuating I'm chasing the same model of those forefathers who broke obedience
Feeling these words connect and cut my heart as he proclaims us stiff-necked I start to instigate
Marked approval as his gaze went star-ward
As I resolve to hearken havoc on all who follow
But along I'm altered instead of called to one
I offered oxygen to articulate attempts of offing all who call upon this synagogue
Stopped in my trek with the letters I got permission from to bring these folk to Jerusalem for justice
Blinded by none other than the light that called Ananias to rendezvous at Straight and inquire the House of Judas
Scalar magnitude left my eyes and the one who imprisoned Christians now preaches Christ
Immediately find politics unimportant
The council recognizes I'm chosen for Gentiles and can't thwart that
I've been adorned for this very purpose
Purported were false intentions of this bondservant
But quite a few can attest to my workings
With no objective to boast or put a stumbling block
I sarcastically mock by talking of my hardships
They called this craft soft
I'm at heart and physically by birth regarded Hebrew
Israelite, and Abrahamic descendant
Minister of the new covenant
More to remembered
In labor more abundant
Stripes measured with the rule of prison frequent
And deaths even better
Five times forty minus one lashes
Bashed with rods three times
Just like the triple shipwrecked scenarios
Peril in city, wilderness, sea
Spent a night and day in the deep
Often toiled and weary
Yet clothed in nakedness
Cold and sleepless from false brethrens
Starving along with deprivation of water
And concern for all I've witnessed to
Narrowly escaped through a basket
But as for this
The glorious contrast is the past letters to be delivered were my zeal to end them
To being the prime chief author of these epistles that are living
Now listen, and read them
These are the very words of deity entrusted to me
Sufficient to convict and bring to repentance
You can hear my faint screams
And the life as it bleeds profusely urging you to seek Him
Believe it
Believe it
Believe it

-Dedicated to
Formerly known
Saul of Tarsus
Grace & Peace
Track Name: Setting
13 letters tossed aside, eyes blood red as he opens them to his surprise he's wakin up on time
Grind and rise
Day to day thats how he raised to survive
Never breaking for those prophets less its checks for his time
Yeah the world is messed up, and everybody knows it
But who is he to say he knows change, only folding
Bills that leave him in a clinic, so he Clinton
Cheat this life but stay on the hill
Can't let trials bend him
To an outsider seem like he independent
Bet he even have kids that look at him with interest
Not like he a killer, or robbin with techs
Stocks invest, job's market
Honest livin, barely lie unless its death
Kicks it with church folk, and haves deep discussions
But shallowly he doubts that it all comes something
Fuels his pride to think he's accepted and that he done but
Overtime, sudden death tests what he become

Consciously awake to a state of knowing he made the biggest mistake
How many times had they said he shouldn't wait
How many times did he brush this off and call it fate
Blind faith, didn't take the time to think
Am I good if my standards I don't meet?
Looked at others like he meek but now completely aware
He had time to seek if that which he clowned would make him a jester
Now his flesh is boiling with wounds never to fester
Worms checkin in and out while he beggin for a drip
Liquid nowhere near, and the only thing left to sip
Is the love that he rejected, present as his greatest fear,
Reflectin on loved ones grievin, thinking that he chill in heaven
Nothing less than perfection demanded, and he fell short
The only thing that mattered was knowing that Jesus Christ is Lord
Baptism and a prayer ain't excuse the danger
Now he met the God ignored, but sadly through His anger

Without a shadow of a doubt cast in the mind,
This is one valley you would never tread but leave behind
Probably thought the whole depiction fiction,
Liked the diction but may end up as one who fits the description
Folk who trust in their works, or words said on a certain day
Threw up a prayer, and now you live in any way that you pleasin
Some family passed before, surely you remember weeping
The most decent thing to think is they coolin with their wings,
Yeah I used to think the same, but we know there comes a day
When justice will arrive, and this time he's taking sins away
The harder way, and you won't be saved cause you were raised
To act a certain way or observe a certain day
Your lips may give praise, but the heart's far from surrender
There's no middle ground, He's either in your He isn't
If Heaven is the prize, Hell is what you gettin
Life is knowing Christ, not bout what he had trended

Historical evidence is blatant for those denying the life
Resurrected was the debate, not the fact that he died
Prime link to all of the scriptures, the difference between the casual believer
and those who really in it
Small snippets for the big picture, traditional sayings and superstition
And then there's wishful thinking
Like its for the G, and you have a mansion waitin to ease you in to live lavishly
Forget what happened see
Deep down, utopia's foreshadowed in these living creatures
But also conscience for the wicked deeds did
Question is, why does death leave em speechless
Search and see its, scriptures by fervent witnesses, not myths
Actual men, left their homes
To account, of His home
Matthew, Mark, Luke, Peter, John and yeah Paul
Brought the truth its only through Christ life is restored
And now set up for you
Is this witness I report
Only one way
Track Name: Examination
Before long, we'll pass on
They say forget about tomorrow, just carry on
But this question's for the week(weak), and the strong
What is it all for
What is it all for

Heaven and hell sound like lofty theological virtues when explaining to a person who's eyes you're looking into
They agree its unfair in this life that we endure
But still cautious when exploring if its something more
What is it all for
Poor(pour) drink in the day while rich cup their hands for more
Surrounded by a culture that consumes their concentration on their twitter instagram and search for updates more than history's course
So much stuff to look up
So much life - just look up
But are these all numbers to get hooked up
Statistics given only for an organization's agenda
Why give to them
They just want our senses to give cents
Like a senseless act of violence,
A life taken by self-interest
Never took the time to ask what is this
Is there something beyond the sensual appeals
Til the night you're gone, and the past you mourn to fulfill

Before long, we'll pass on
They say forget about tomorrow, just carry on
But this question's for the week(weak), and the strong
What is it all for
What is it all for (x2)

Justice sounds like an odd topic when talking of God
Cause we know there's something wrong but
Why won't he stop it?
They probably casually laughed and called him faggot but what happens when that fellow classmate has same sex attractions
And they casting adjectives at him til reaction seems there's no way to go
RIP Pacheco
RIP the folk gunned down in their own homes
And those who witnessed
Even if they make it out the hood, post trauma visits them
Envy gets, any men
Even when a kid is illegally whipped to knit those twin pairs of kicks they'll grow sick of in a minute
But at least they get to work right?
Some children are invisible
See, there is no hope shown by just telling folk that it could be worse
We need to know the pain we go through serves a purpose on this earth
Suicide don't seem as crazy when some question they work
Hard to see reality make another 24 worth it

Before long, we'll pass on
They say forget about tomorrow, just carry on
But this question's for the week(weak), and the strong
What is it all for
What is it all for (x2)

A thirst not to be poor as to despair and steal
A hunger not to be rich enough to forget whats real (reel)
Fishy how some pretend to act like they got it sealed
When in reality we all ignorant of the end revealed
Do we really know God exists? Thats the endless quest
Did Christ really live and die, did He resurrect?
Can I put the things from religion up to the test
And make em relevant upon that which my eyes now always rest?
Even if I'm the one to make it, I'm still facing death
What makes me different from the next one guessing
Who will soon rest in the same position that left me perplexed, stressing
I'm confined by this concept
Of time that leaves me on this
Road to find whats honest
Like how much left in this verse can I impart
To let the hearer question living before I departed
Educated lies, or was truth in the margin, to solve it

This quest
This test
This time
This rest
The rest will rest
Best guess - who's next
Whats next
its complex
The complex
Of the complexity of the mind
Time's a thief, needs no relapse of the tracks its running
Burning bridges as we hope for discernment
Internment camped in ourselves
The breadth of breath we get
Til we closer to death
Rocks the process of how far will we go to live
How much will we give
Can we control our soul's deepest yearning?
A life of purpose is the purpose of life
Not for certain
Curtain call these actors, you'll see hollywood ain't perfect
Portrayal of betrayal of our own self is lurkin
Who wants to be rejected
Who wants to be neglected
Who doesn't have a dream that the can be in some place better
No, thats not the question we know
Its if reached, do we lose hope

Is this it
What I live for
I don't wanna be just like the wind, blow
Round , never know how to live life though
Heard there are many ways, but this my road
At the end, is there light in my tunnel
What I live for
What I live for
Is this it
What I live for
So many roads
So many ways
So many paths
Where can I stay
Where do I stay

Tell me what to live for
Knowledge never brings peace at funerals
Memories fade away and you reminded some day
You gone be the same staring blank at the face
Of another youngin
Gazin at a taste of vapor
What you did in this life had no power to save ya
Gandhi met the same fate as Hitler
And the Jews
Religion didn't prevent them from dying too
What is there to trust in
Before you say goodbye?
Should you look within yourself
What should you try?
This is all just evolution
Ain't that right
Thats what they say when they don't like the sound of God
So if we're chance
Quit lookin for worth
Cause right now your pleasure it what you must serve
Some hearing this gone try a lifetime but never realize
You won't find satisfaction from inside out
'Cause we're all just water in a current drought
They say bond together, don't waste time finding out
Since once you in, you pinned down for life
Or what they call living
Before you're finished
Just make the question

Is this it
What I live for
I don't wanna be just like the wind, blow
Round , never know how to live life though
Heard there are many ways, but this my road
At the end, is there light in my tunnel
What I live for
What I live for
Is this it
What I live for
So many roads
So many ways
So many paths
Where can I stay
Where do I stay

What should we take
Cause at the height of all science and philosophizin
None can deny our longing for a better state
A better place
For God set eternity in the hearts of men
Both a blessing and a curse depending on your reason for work
No matter the climb or descent or if a recent position
You will not reach contentment and feel confined in life's daily grind
Yet somehow we keep in mind that
Amidst injustice, we deserve our world to serve us
And the greatest misfortune
Trusting in justification by our works, bruh
Track Name: What You Need featuring Santiago
Your grandma probably love me
Your homeboys hate this
But thats okay 'cause
Ima give you what you need
This not what you wantin
This not what you cravin
Its what you been waitin for so ima give you what you need
Ima give you what you need (x3)

So erbody a thug now
They all trappin them drugs now
Said they up next
Kinda suspect they ain't bout that life
All I heard was death
Know some tryn meet ends
Not concerned bout how they gone end (N)
If that O added when Christ has to say
Don't know who you been (ben) (lover of money folk)
Jamin chasin after that benz
Still can't whip enough for that sin
That price heavy on em
Light up but aint hide dark deeds that they did
(hi)High off anything that they get
(bye)Buy whatever meet what they wish
Which only last for a couple hours til they want what they can't get
Or what they seem to need
Speak on this frequency
So you tune in
Turnt up on the urgency
That fast life
Trying to zoom in
Past truth, present to you
Don't lose it
Been gifted with this rhyme scheme
To skip the dream, wake you from your sleep
Give the only thing that you ever need


If Jesus Christ was foolishness then I would die a fool
But then I would resurrect and be like told you He was true
See some folks don't wanna listen and thats why they stay confused
They be like "You believe in Jesus? Yeah thats just your point of view"
Can't explain the peace that passes understanding
When I pray I don't just meditate I'm elevated to a higher place
And when we prayed for my healing to God concerning my state
He came in and made the disease disappear without a trace
This ain't a game
You insane? I ain't doin this in vain
Yeah I really met with Jesus and I'll never be the same
His Spirit baptized me
A new language I obtained
His power took me to the floor
This isn't just something I claim


Ay its more than a rhyme and its more than a beat
You can move to the vibe but you won't be free
Chains over 1k but you won't find peace
This more than a chance for escape from the heat
You dead off in your grave fam
You ain just sleep or dazin
You think you live but chasin
The beef between your Maker
You meet (meat) Him ? be tragic
He'll bag ya , won't last versus wrath man
His anger will crash ya
Less that blood mask ya
Forgiveness, believe in
His claims to be cleaned
And see sin as the treason
Now look
You turned around
Used to turn up
Til you found life
Now dead's just
Them old ways you loved so much
When that Spirit came and changed ya
Lets make it crystal clear bout the grace that He sent
He never needed you, just you needed Him
Its the last that you want, but the first thing you needin
Truth of the church and return of Jesus

Track Name: Substance
If you agree or not we all got our take on substance
Through everything we do its just a search for endless plunder
Claim to know the way and fight to make it known to others
Ten toes down til we 6 feet under
Stand for death til it hits -
This life is more than kicks
Still we spend it like a joke
Defined by everything we get
Choke out warnings of our conscience
Happiness is what we want
I'm talkin to myself as much as you if this feels harsh but
Hardships hearken character
Just reveals your heart
From the start it was dark and
Not the problem's fault for nonsense
The response is either offense
Or ignoring what is falling
Til it all comes crashin down upon us
And its obvious
I've failed as a son, a friend, a brother, and any other role that I've been under
And when I'm trying harder is the time that I discover
I can never do the good my heart demands from others

I been trying for a minute here
Trying to figure out just what substance is
And if it is
What I find, will it make things clear
Would it either be something that I love or fear
And if I fear, is there love to give
Is there reason to live
When I figure out what substance is
And if there's reason to live
Do I fear its not the substance wished
Could I love in spite of how it appears

They preach education
As if that could make a man raised to get paper changed by regurgitating facts and figures
Its just an educated sinner
No different from the man who robbin folks to fill the fridge week by week for dinner
We see a criminal thats full of malicious intent
He just saw a kid at home who needed food so he could live
The family unit's been destroyed
And men see they can't fix it
So they leave cuz bein used by God requires much dependence
Don't pin this all on them
Cuz fam no one's the victim
Its more than social ills and people poverty stricken
Racism still exists, but all of these are just a symptom
Hearts are callous and there is no approach to government
No man in office for change
No economic sustenance
Nothing will recover the damage done, bank on this
The stocks and money will crash, everything seen we corrupt with fear
Out of ignorance of what we know is real

They been trying for a minute here
Trying to tell these folk just what substance is
If its this,
What they give, is this reason to live
Is this really what we teach our kids
Is this love or fear
That we don't question if this is real
Do we fear that there's nothing better than what appears
Or do we really love this down inside and keep it concealed
Cause of how good doin wrong is makin us feel

Would someone tell me why is sin and hell the last topics of discussion
But these folk are quick to rally like they think know of justice
Half these cats the ones to claim that only God can judge me
Yet they rush to wish His judgment on those that they think unworthy
The situation was tense, profilin was the subject
George shouldn't have followed and Trayvon shouldn't have confronted him
The scuffle aggravated, self-defense or not, was murder
Yet instead of choosin grace, each assumed who was worser
And we still do the same, and if you think you not a Zimmerman
Then you don't get the basic of the grace that God has given
On the view of heaven, man was sure to be destroyed and yet
Not like Lucifer, provision given for redemption
Men livin like they not guilty, thats injustice
Christ took the punishment that each of us deservin
So those folk who vengeful, not just defending truth
Will receive the measure of the vengeance on themselves too

I had to take a minute here
Just to let these folk know what substance is
No greater love than this
One that lays down its life for a friend
But this one was higher than this
Christ, He didn't lay down His life for this friend
Jesus died in my place while I was still in my sin
No greater love than that one that He gives
The fear is gone
Substance is that He lives in all believing in Him
Raised from death just to show that we'll live
Anyone placing trust in this gift
Overcame, for those forsaking the world
Our inheritance is
Being His, forever to live
Forever we'll live
Forever we'll live
Track Name: Awesome God featuring J. Rome
Our God is an awesome God
He reigns from heaven above
With wisdom power and love
Our God is an awesome God

And when the sky was starless in the void of night
He spoke into the darkness and created light

Our God is an awesome God
He reigns from heaven above
With wisdom power and love
Our God is an awesome God

With thunder rain and hail
His love and wisdom overflows
He can never fail
Our God is an awesome God

Established on His own
No man could add up to His excellence
Nor add on to
Any attempt in the end was futile
Regardless of background
He was God, is and before man would enter in to the scene
Seen winds and waves into existence with His spit
Master MC, crafted words that produced instant fruit
And everlasting, from everlasting to everlasting, in eternity past
Passed decreed predestination of deserved wrath
Objects graced with a role as those receiving affection to play
No right for us to ask of Him right, we are clay
Rights are none, He is just, He is judge and above all yet all the above
originated from His love
Goodness and mercy extends from the beginning of genesis
to the ending of the last sentence in revelation
Forevermore, Lord, conquered the conquests of men
To exalt themselves above Him in knowledge or free will
Yes He will not be stilled by horrendous acts,
Execution is that which shows justice to those combatted with tragedy
Heard the cries of the poor
Lacking nothing when lavishing
Riches laid upon the lackadaiscal legions of unbelievers
Finding solace in His things
Oh the irony
Even when trying to escape Him
Man is left to a whole world of His Creation
And nothing man made can duplicate what He's created
Science is a non-category
He is prefixed with Omni
In observation in all of nature's story
The beautiful God of paradox
Doctored sin's sickness with a twist in plot
That could have stopped with swift coffins
To all who violated His Call to repentance
Instead offered an innocent provision who,
keeping with all the customary rituals,
Obedient in vigil up to death on a cross
God, being wrapped in flesh left His seat of privilege
To fulfill the scripture "Why am I forsaken," the center
And end of His cup of wrath to satisfy redemption
Of all who enter in belief and subsequent submission to the Spirit
Livin inside of them, to be witnesses of the Witness of Him sent by the Father
Trinitarian cycle, an eternal dance man is invited to jig in but never required
Track Name: Right Here
I'm right here
I'm right here
I'm right here
I'm right here
You asking where its at
Its right here
Been sayin what you need fam
I got it right here
Its right here

Right here, the voice you been ignoring
Saying something's gotta give for all the things you been exploring
At first I take it slow but you must know that I'm imploring
Stuff that most claim trivial and quick to strike it off as boring
What bore me
Don't place as an option or alternative
This is truth and if you die without it then you'll never live
Not a narrative, or settlement, not set up, its the setting
for the wretched men
This is your witness here
Of this, living liquid that had the status
Before the nimbostratus had evaporated, vapor, to h2o, His reign was theocratic
And is still, though men distill the still pictures plastered
Across the atmosphere, without excuse to say God isn't real
Your foolish faith seals what is revealed
Through heaven, wrath stemming from Adam
Killed off the brethren's, fellowship with their Daddy
Sin is imputed, or given, to all born after
And in the same pattern
If trust placed in Christ through faith
You're righteous for the master
They ask why it matters
Well, tell me who formed your matter?

You're righteous for the master
But why does it matter
Rappers pastor flocks and lead chapel
To standards thats backwards
They cash in on acts of travesty they've never prolly never had to see
While young lads be the theatrics
While I probably won't make an average living off these apples
Of knowledge, forbidden to the young mind
By records trying to mine dust for gold, I'm
speaking of reversal, the tree of life is freely given to all who ask
But most accredit God to religion
An abstract, impersonal, abyss, that no man can grasp
But your math's wack, if you laugh at
Those serious about Christ, your path's wrath
No such thing, as doing too much
Thismeans you think you're doing enough
Thats an arrogant position for one who don't know how long they will be living
Limited time only is your existence
And your ending's already been written

Never kept the message hidden
Even if it is, its to the perishing in their condition
Love the sin, you'll be a sinner
And God's lens sees wicked if He doesn't see Christ's blood over your innards
Its a message proclaimed, Christ is the only way, and they can label me anything
To scientists - creationist, politically conservative, pro-lifer, bigot
But I will, defend homosexuality is a sin
Rights for all men, and women, but if livin in unrepentant sin
Meaning set on staying within, and disregard for what is written
Its your will versus the Sovereign
And God will squash men
Not pointing to Christ as the only option
There is no spirit guides that are not demonic and zodiac signs
That can define your life's doctrine, horoscopic, admonishin, is paganish
The cost to follow Christ is all in, see Lordship as over every single inch
Of rule made of conduits, He's Ruler of Rulers, no mafia or mob operates outside of God's margins
The Lord will not be mocked
All will bow to the Rock's calling
Track Name: Voices In My Head
I told my sister don't get offended when I'm rappin midsentence
I need to get that inspiration in quick
And this goes to the rest of them askin
Like are you listenin bruh?
Sorry so esoteric
Prayin these folk can enter
The context of my lines when they hear it
And the sphere of influence translates
So others get a glimpse when the thought escapes
So crowded in my mind
Random lines trying to find the right mood and rhythmn to put them too,
With topics that your optics can relate through
Yet still be a top pick and not exclude
A riddle in (ritalin) that subdues
mediocrity that you're used to
Delivery all accounted
So no deficit in attention
Make a ten fit
But graded on a curve cause of contemporary content
Con tinted within a small window of time
Is what hip hop is
Thats why my mind's content

I'm brief with boxers, tell em an alternate option to violence
walk with confidence without sock in (sockin)
Gotta throw it off before a beater evolves
See under wariness starts with hearts when marks targeted never market
Like dang, you just wanted a retail(retell) store-(y)
Worthy of sellin, cause sales(sails) only move by breath of men swellin
The wind beneath your wings
Ground below your feet
Mean we want the earth all above to bow to Me
But partner Me's a beast
Before you know it feast with your enemies
Thinkin like, are they down for me?
Honestly, I have no sympathy for society
Defined materially, men branded by fabric rather than having it backwards
And no love unless you sackin, have sacks, stacks, dribble, or rappin
Add to that wack academics not class-oriented
Towards a viable occupation for the cost of living
Don't make sense

While they trying to blow like Kurtis, I'm curt with those not getting the rhymes trajectory
Angled at present day infirmities and iniquities, get me in any city and state and business will be given
They don't get it
I'd rather be relatively unknown than another clone dronin on to folk how dope he is
Flow for no more than one
Jehovah Nissi is the only audience
So if this audio never makes it past Him or gets clappin
I'm content with the one who made hands to clap with, happy
Status is
An instance, in which instantly ends tint with new beginnings cleared for misfits that seek bliss
The refuse of refugees refusin rest in relentless pursuits
I'm checkin how my life sound now outside the booth
Cause thats where my waves reverberate
Frequently, I'm the vertebrae
33 deep like scottie, but glorify the first heir (air), 23
Track Name: Renewal of the Mind
Now this is renewal of the mind
A time taken out to reflect on what is mine(d)
Over matter cuz above the chest is what controls my life
The thoughts circulate then the tongue makes it set
Now lets get into this
When I spin this most won't get it but I'll articulate how things been different
Least for me they've been
Since I've been
Hit with the mercy and
Given independence from what I used to be trapped within see
Now is the transformation of what I've been stuck on
Reproduced to you, so you can quote this song
So if I'm living wrong
You bring it up
Confront me for the broken promises I've given to this stuff
I desire not, for the fly by night type of love
That might seem right, but is so quickly in the dust
When I link up, gotta be something special
Matter fact
Not even that, divinely appointed act
Where the scene unfolds to a purposeful lover
Not a heated night under the covers
Might be stumbled upon but it was orchestrated under
The predetermined knowledge of my failures and my falls
And her packaged and delivered with some faults
So that the union is more than a move in with what I want
Instead a testament that I gotta build this mug up lifelong commitment
And without ignorance to the fact that sex will make an infant
Most people skip this
But this questions haunts me
What if my son or daughter receives my falling?
Can you imagine having to explain to your offspring
That they wasn't wanted just the condom was faulty?
Nah, can't have it even if I did it I pray
Make me stay around so they can see my blemished image
Even if its just to say, don't be like your pops
Or maybe get a chance to show my grace to change my walk
How great a blessing that would be to see me being remade right infront of their eyes
And understand to God all the glory
Or how much more on how I might plan to do
Still remember what the homie Zach told me to
Said in the aesthetic presence that he could see me telling and loving on prostitutes, gang members and felons
Now thats a paraphrase but he said inner city dwellers
And I thought how cuz I done grew up too different
But pops told me you commissioned with compassion
Don't always gotta relate, just show the love fashioned to you
I might just scrap any dreams I have
Pack up, forget my status
Move straight into the heart of battle
Warzone where they bang and make hate the average
Maybe even raise a family understanding that any given second could be my last one standing
Coming late on night and my son on the couch or something wondering when I'm coming but unaware that day a sermon hit the nerve of an angry person
And the bang bang make my body drop just like a dummy
But even then praying instilled God's will is within the field
So that when he awakens to the news
He may shed a tear or two
And say daddy made his quiver full
And I'm the next arrow aimed at Satan to be sent straight into battle
Not trying to be brave but obedient to the Master
Cuz this is Maranatha mindset
Even if you ain't a Christian its a constant process
Remindin yourself that your mind in itself
Is oxygen for hellfire itself
The tongue will feed upon and induce it
Thats why they say watch what you say you may be lighter fluid
Moving that innocent little kid, into a juvey
Justice thats what I'm dispensin
Spit with wisdom folk try to prohibit and if you askin what this is I'll reply
This is renewal of the mind
To help you redefine your grind
Maybe if you see mine you can align your plans to God's sovereign timeline

I'm just an immigrant
Imminent to be ostracized for the accent of my origin
Popular ethic's quick
To say ideas from my ethnic's wit
Don't correspond with the truth of this
Atmosphere that we livin in
Most say its illegitimate
We breath the same oxygen
So how I got permission for objective hints?
I'll let you (ketch)catch up
Most will never must(a)er (d)the intelligence to realize
All them lies is fed UP
The Alpha can't stomach the sin, so truth is so suppressed
Looks for drink to wash it down and finds a lukewarm mess
They liquids sittin in the middle gotta tell em get a side and pick
The real pack know His voice never quick to quit
But God forbid, 99 of them try to diss the 1 in ignorance
Oblivious to the reason they His
Ain't cuz of what they did

From the cradle to the casket this life is a quick trip
Dip out the crib, feel bliss and just sit
Chill in the whip, cruisin then get hit
Killed in an instant, soul and flesh split
With vehicular manslaughter
Some kid lost their father
Some coroner just gotta body
The judge gotta sentence
Reporter gotta number
Oh Lord please forgive me
My heart's gone under!
Unaffected by the fact that life is passing yet I still don't catch the way that I be acting don't resemble your compassion
Need more than livin up and laughin plus fun
There's time for that but lack reflection
Can't just have good nights need mo(u)rning
I spit truth in booths but do I show love
And not just dap to the supportin?
And thats real
But switch it up
Please don't be misled
There's still time bruh
A whole lot of men have made bold claims
Only one who hit the grave and ain't stay
Stay chasin life but ask which'll fade away
Don't get caught up in the hype we all just vapors in the play
Play the hand you dealt but look in the perspective of the game
Wealth in this realm will never add up or equate
Question why you livin 'fore you get to dissin what I say
And find a bible in a language you relate
Peep that Jesus 'fore your time to hit the grave
He the only one who hit the cave and ain't stay
Track Name: Enter
I remember grandma Mina
Loungin in her rockin chair
Or is it a recliner
I'm still unaware
Anyways me and my sis would wake up early
Then my pops would drop us off
Spent half the morning at her crib
Life then had felt so soft
My great grandmother Sarah
Was in the life we shared
Pancakes would have me dreamy
Hot chocolate freshly steamin
Played ball
Oblivious to what was sinkin
I'm thinkin
All Good
Despite she resides in the hood
At least I said that til evenings
That ain ever leavin
My grandma Sarah
Suffered pain
I couldn't bear to
Watch her while she struggled
Yeah I left words muzzled
Yeah we had issues, disagreements
But ain ask for what I'm seein
Then comes the funeral
Man I just can't believe it
Folk said thats just
Your great grandmother
Not your brother or your cousin
But that changed my view on life
& all my loved ones
I was young, feel bad
And I forget her cause of death
But that was the first
& I'd known it ain't the last
Thought heaven while I'm grievin
She's gone be where she can see me
I confess
My soul won't rest
Til I can see her
After my death
My point is
Life's quick as
Moments skipped
But we figure
We got it right, no waitin right
Paradise is where I'm stayin the night I die
Don't care how I lived
I know that God forgives
How could He stop my homeboy from ever entering?
How could He separate us?
I'll tell you what its sin
Its gone keep you and I from ever enterin
Our hearts are good
People told us
But what does good mean to Him?
Since his standard is perfection
On a scale of one to ten you rate negative
I could now bound you up quick
Teach truth that tickles your ear
But all will be accountin
Yes you listenin
Peruse through our actions
How we had used our talents
Time and life to worship Him
Please understand
I know He loves you
But you must yield to Him
Confess he's in control
Allowed to move within
You got free will
He won't force
At the cross death lost the war
Don't have to be afraid
He raised to life so in court
You're clean
So when you live this life, when you die
You've arrived to eternally dine as the bride of Jesus Christ
I could talk more
But its your time to enter
Romans 10
Track Name: It's Good To Be Alive
3 is the max pair of kicks I've had in the same time length
Width skipped me, was height and skinny
Pullin girls or good at sports was never my strength
I'd be quiet and reserved, isolated at times
With a mind curious for a search
Certain things I wish I had did, but I look forward with confidence
And don't seek to be anything than what is found in the scripts
Its a mystery how I can condense
Thoughts into a rhythmn
And bring change to all types of men, with integrity cause often
I grapple with ideas of gravel filled lines til I rewind - I was never down with the street life
Fights, and pipin sticky green lime rolled up
Never appealed inside, from a different environment but
Exposed while shy and introverted
Searchin for identity amidst identical persons, uou'd say
Herded, typically as a kid trying to fit in
But its good to be alive and forgiven of sin
I'd heard it, typically as a kid trying to fit in
But its good to be alive and forgiven of sin
hurtin, typically as a kid trying to fit in
But its good to be alive and forgiven of sin

While so many trying to rise
And shine
I'm just so hype I get to rise
And cry
Trying to reflect on why I'm in line
Not gone lie, it'd be times I'd wake up askin why I'm alive
To wakin thankin God I survived
Cause I rewind back to freshman year
When I would hate comin home just to hear
Another argument, and learn the facts
Of something I'm not allowed to talk of on wax
But His grace had my back
And sustained me
Though I'd skip them football games that folk had been ravin
Bout I never cowered though I questioned
I'm forgiven, is the blessing
Anything else, an addition to provision that You kept still
But you heard that on introspect
I never had the type of presence that demanded respect
Would think I'm nice if we talked but I know of my mess
Message given, dead in sin, but now I'm livin righteous
You'd think I'm nice if we talked, but I know of my mess
Gospel message, I was dead, but I'm counted righteous
Would think I'm fine if we talked, but I know I'm a mess
Resurrected, once was dead, now I'm livin, I'm blessed

Though times I'm slippin now
As I'm thinkin, things I should say
Should be more interactive
Should point more to the way
When I'm feelin so discouraged
I'm filled by Him anyway
My emotions from inside
Can never dictate the day
I know mistakes I'm gone make
I just pray I learn today
Tomorrow seem so far away
I got so much on my plate
Like four or five assignments
Stead I'm writin some rhymes okay
I'm trippin off just thinkin on who gone be my prom date, but ay
The little worries like these always make me think
Christ on the cross meant its all finished for me
Might not do the things others call
The optimum with my potential with the life I'm given
But my credential's in the One that got out the grave
Significance is now found in the fact I'm made
In His image, recreated so everytime that you gazin
At my face, is the trace, that I'm given His grace
Ain no way that I could hide or look at the past with shame
In my face, is the trace, that I'm given His grace
There's no way that I could ever hide or feel I'm ashamed
Said in my face, is the trace, that I'm given His grace
Ain no way that I could hide or look away, unashamed, never shame
Track Name: Beauty featuring J. Rome
Have you ever had that feeling when you looked into a mirror
And you hated what you'd seen when you looked at your appearance?
Maybe just me, it was always something missing
If it wasn't in the clothes, was the face that I'd been given
I remember back in sixth chillin in the media center
And dudes introduced me to the art of filming naked women
In other words, pornography forever hurt my image
Of what beauty was, but not just them, I felt insufficient
Didn't tell my pops, thought if I talked if was forbidden
Since I'd crave a little taste after those motion pictures
Besides, by the first time I thought I lost innocence
What a thing to tell, all the lengths I went to keep it hidden
Til beauty hit me when I cried out for forgiveness
Felt enslaved to lust, from night to day I was prisoner
'Til after eighth, the day the Holy Spirit entered
Breakout was the theme and grace convicted to repentance
Pastor Cheri if you listening
Thanks for your obedience to the mission
Four years later, I still burn to lift Him
Not because I want the thirst I have to get quenched but
Others find freedom in the beauty that He is
I find in all my life, this is all I ever wished
Now I see my life as dirt compared to what He is
Compared to what He did
How else could I live?
Once my heart was broken by the fact I placed His beauty under sin

How I long
Just to feel
The refuge of
Beauty's seal
And though right now
I struggle still
I long to see
Beauty revealed

I'm not sure what they told you I don't bout what they said
But did you notice when the words sting you don't feel it in your flesh?
Something down inside consumes your thoughts about your skin
Or the weight, the shoes, the hair
Up to whatever seems amiss
A fragment of a picture that you hoping to depict
And do everything that you can to make the puzzle pieces fit
(ness) Nest in the gym since some abandoned from the crib
But even if your body toned, your hope for freedom never lifts
Hope for beauty never shifts
Heart for love never quits
Even when your actions make it seem you hate to live
No coincedence you'd hear me spit about the origin to learn of what it really is
See its not the physical that lust runs after
Fleeting and deceptive to who pass it
Incorruptible, gentle and not stemming from what you seeing
Beauty is spirit, pure, clean, beauty is Jesus
Beauty is freedom
You don't have to please it
You let it captivate you not cause of the fact you need it
But you find nothing else worthwhile thinking
Seeing, breathing, even when you sleep its
The dream that lets you know you're secure to believe it
At the time when other folks around you can't perceive it
Its all you ever boast in the hopes they'll receive it
And find the reason that they were made, it redeems 'em

How I long
Just to feel
The refuge of
Beauty's seal
And though right now
I struggle still
I long to see
Beauty revealed

Every echo of the steps on the Via Dolorosa
Heaving of His chest as the wood was slowly bolstered
Choking of His breath as nails were hammered and was left to suffocate with the collapsing of His shoulders
All while letting those who trespass find closure
Wasn't as the hands of flesh
Debt was suffered for reproach
God turned His face against one who He'd always loved and known
Put the sin upon his own and checked off all of those who banking on this hope
What an ugly sight that our eyes scorn
Yet this is beauty at its most
To think this is something God would die for?
Just to be adopted as His own?
Did He see the heart that had longed for the darkness
Exposed to His omniscience
Pored over all of my past and my future
And still had His love unnerved by my awfulness
Awesome God!

How I long
Just to feel
The refuge of
Beauty's seal
And though right now
I struggle still
I long to see
Beauty revealed
Track Name: Discourse featuring J. Rome
I hold the ring in my hand
Following a master plan
If you overlay
You will never understand
What He has in store in stock
Never planned for flee and flock
We have an obligation to uphold

What is love
Baby don't hurt me
May have been a meme but the mantra of the curse we
Covered in the tracks of the dirt leaked
Hearse creaks, movies and TV they was never true see
If they bag you for your body man that only lead to death
If they always trying to party they ain down to pay the bills
This the person you can sit down and eat a meal with
Or only when they touch you they know how you feelin
Is that fillin real
Cuz you empty still
Peel for the covers
But sex won't make them kneel
Commitment is the seal
For most, this here will break the deal
If they don't know God they can't love
You don't know God you can't love em
He ain servin others, he ain servin you
If she talk bout others, she gone talk bout you
Don't think of what they say
If you wait til marriage you ain't gay
And not just sex, but for a mate
'Stead of jumpin round dates like you leap years
Off in your teens feel violated like its too late
Gave up, guess its fate that you keep heart break
Its a wash for clean slates - called grace off in
Ephesians five remaking
Pain is weakness of leaving the body treated
Like you ain gonna find love thats deeper
Than joining to make these people keepers
But you ain't never been kept
Come to think about it you the one who get the catch
No one ever caught you when you wallow in ya mess
Struggle in a puddle of despair needing rest
Soul tired but by your smile wouldn't guess

I hold the ring in my hand
Following a master plan
If you overlay
You will never understand
What He has in store in stock
Never planned for flee and flock
We have an obligation to uphold
Don't spiral down and let go
Cause we are strong enough to survive the hardest rain
Endurance our middle name
Through trials and the tribulations
Always test anticipating
Heaven is the only thing worth waiting for

Not just another song to kiss to
Time to see the biblical perspective of the issue
Tell me whats the gain
Trying make things official
But you don't even get the core of what you gettin in to
Love is objective
Mean it seek an end
If you smashin cuz the heat
It gone mean you more than friends
Benefits gone leave you sick
See you jumped them levels too quick now anything you do feelin too intimate
You long for you long for
That time and attention
Gave your all for your all for
Something that was temporal
Now your hearts hard your hearts hard
Cuz they don't even miss you
Someone so close now unknown can act just so distant
Tell me whats different
Tell em marriage , most can't listen
Cuz its splits now, just call quits
And most see this in between them custody visits
They ain know its more than a contract
Than child support and business contacts
That union something you fight for
Make present peace with the past you war
Don't have examples, cuz there ain no more
Only one way, but they don't explore
This man took bruises for this chick
When He never did nothing never thought that He could quit
When He knew she wasn't right and He saw she was blemished
Lived til He laid down His life and it was finished
A righteous man named Jesus pinned
Chose to place His love on these sinners

I hold the ring in my hand
Following a master plan
If you overlay
You will never understand
What He has in store in stock
Never planned for flee and flock
We have an obligation to uphold
Don't spiral down and let
Cause we are strong enough to survive the hardest rain
Endurance our middle name
Through trials and the tribulations
Always test anticipating
Heaven is the only thing worth waiting for
Track Name: Press On
I been livin long enough to know this life just not about me
Look at all my folks and can't believe they stayed around
Some dipped out and some stayed in
When I shaped up some shipped in
Its fair, weather
Don't blow me off
I'm in storms cause He got them
Right in His hands, man I'm not scared
All the times I lost, He not left yet
Considerin all the pain that this life cost em
Son peeked when I saw grace
Now I don't care bout brighter days
I stand clean right in His rays
In the face of death he left the grave
Got me graspin for the air this breath I take in its so overrated
People clown me for this faith but they could never take it
Say they get this path I'm on but I can't overdo it
If it works for me, thats koo - if they only knew the truth
I testify to one savior between God and man one mediator
No hope in any other way if you die in sin there ain no joy later
That Christ made me Christ saved me
Eternal life is to know your Maker
I know they said, life's what you make it
So He laid it down, at the cross for payment

Man this life is hard Lord knows how many times I fall
But one thing that I noticed He been faithful through it all
Don't know how I'm gone end but I continue with the cross
Standing with believers til I hear that trumpet call
Until then we gone
Press On (x7)

Most just wanna survive, man can't say I don't relate
Just take in pleasure any time you get to help escape
Not gone lie this life is hard I've felt I had my share of fate
But fate's a myth man I'm just leanin on that saving faith
You want a sign or power that can help explain this all
I got nothing for you but that man who hung up on that cross (1 Corinthians 1:22-24)
Hate the message, aright know bout what I'm speakin on?
Start from John's account and read, or did you blow it off?
Don't crown anything else or add nothing to it
I know how much I mess up
The Word alone is proven
I move in step with scriptures, I don't move with men's traditions
If you never get offended, gotta question your convictions
You don't move into repentance?
Gotta question if you're Christian
I don't apologize to sin
I show the light to sinners
Liking me is unimportant
You must liken to His image
Love this music that I make
But get the gospel I'm presentin

Man this life is hard Lord knows how many times I fall
But one thing that I noticed He been faithful through it all
Don't know how I'm gone end but I continue with the cross
Standing with believers til I hear that trumpet call
Until then we gone
Press On (x7)

This that one time
For every one believing on the person and works of Jesus Christ
And they tell you it don't matter
Long as you livin right
But you know you press for purpose and you will receive a prize
When you fall they quick to tell you that you been disqualified
And you feelin like a failure but I tell you its a lie
I been here too many times
Race isn't mine
What creation separates when the Creator called you right
Nothing left no second-guessing
See the finish line when you keep on pressing
Not just life its in your death
That resurrection gives perfection
Flesh to rest when you confessin
Sleep in Christ rise to His presence
If thats you fam you are blessed but its still life right in the second
Keep on pressing

Man this life is hard Lord knows how many times I fall
But one thing that I noticed He been faithful through it all
Don't know how I'm gone end but I continue with the cross
Standing with believers til I hear that trumpet call
Until then we gone
Press On (x7)